Friday, January 21, 2022

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Starting a Youtube Journey: Diamond Forever!

My name is Diamond and I am a 20-year-old college student. I recently started a youtube channel and have embarked on the journey of becoming more confident in myself, and learning how to promote my brand! It hasn’t been easy, but I am here to stay.

The year 2020 was definitely one for the books! With so much going on in the world it really put things into perspective for me. Walking into 2021 I had one major thought in my head; life is short and we have to spend our time here on earth doing things we care about and trying to make a difference. So with that, I took a big leap and finally did the one thing that I have been holding myself back from for the last decade! I started a Youtube channel! 

For a while now I have been a big fan of youtube and seriously saw it as something I wanted to be involved in. It was honestly the first place I saw girls who looked like me, liked similar things as me and weren’t fighting and arguing. Youtube is a place where there is a video on literally every topic you could think of. It’s a place where many people have learned to do many things, including myself, and have gotten a lot of entertainment. I always felt like I had something to add to space, and many people around me would say the same thing. However, I allowed many different factors to stop me from doing it. 

The largest obstacle I faced was insecurities. Sitting in front of a camera and talking is in theory a very simple task, but in reality, it’s an act that requires a large amount of vulnerability and confidence.

You open yourself up to the opinions and eyes of others, many of which you may never meet. This is especially nerve-wracking with the evolution of cyberbullying and hateful comments on the internet. I wasn’t ready to put myself in the line of fire. I am no longer willing to allow those insecurities to stop me from doing what I want. Some days are harder than others, but I am dedicated to loving myself and being comfortable in my own skin, no matter what anyone else’s opinion of me is. Starting my channel has been a great way for me to keep myself accountable in that, and truly do the work it takes to grow as a confident woman. I hope to be an inspiration for the next black girl 

The next obstacle I struggled with was the idea of oversaturation. With the 31 million youtube channels out there, what would be so special about mine? How many makeup tutorials or vlogs does the internet really need? I’m just a regular college girl from the midwest, nothing exciting right? These are all thoughts that I had to bury! The truth is I do have so much to bring to the table, and no video will be like mine because I am not like anyone else. I am Diamond, Diamond Forever! That’s pretty spectacular within itself. I also really enjoy what I am doing, so people watching and enjoying isn’t necessarily a requirement, but a plus. 

My channel is a complete lifestyle channel that will include things such as morning routines, product reviews, DIY’s, vlogs, and so much more! I completed the first and hardest step, which was just making the account. From that point on nothing can stop me. If you are interested in seeing more of my channel head over to youtube and subscribe!!

-Diamond Forever 

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