Innovated Dreamz expands their executive team with three new members

What’s better than having a dream, having a dream team!

For the past 3 years, Innovated Dreamz has been working with the community to coach, connect and uplift minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the City of Columbia. 

In 2019, Cory Crosby started Innovated Dreams as a coaching program, helping minority-owned businesses navigate through the ropes of becoming business owners. Since then, the business has continued to flourish into a network of talent and promise.

“It all started with a vision,” said Innovated Dreamz Chief Executive Officer Cory Crosby. “I wanted to make connections with the right people and equip the business owners with the proper tools they needed to run a successful business.” 

In 2020, Erica Dickson teamed up with Crosby to become the Chief Operating Officer of Innovated Dreamz.

Now, Crosby and Dickson have extended the invitation to join the team to three dynamic professionals in the community.  

“We wanted to add talented people to our team who would help us to expand our reach in the community and diversify the marketing opportunities for our members.”


Crosby describes the team as professional, dedicated, and diverse. “We recognized an opportunity to collaborate with other talented professionals that are a reflection of our community. I look forward to continual growth, creativity, and innovation from our crew.”, he said.


Cory Crosby, CEO

Award-winning entrepreneur, book author, mentor, and coach, Cory Crosby got his start in business with fitness, something he developed a passion for while serving a 10-year prison sentence. During this time, he designed and facilitated the first inmate led fitness program in his institution. Since his release from prison, Crosby has been determined to not only change his own life but the lives of others as well, by proving that “where you come from or what you look like has very little to do with where you can go in life. If you have enough drive, you can go anywhere you want to go.” 

While incarcerated Cory studied business as well as the lives of many highly successful people which influenced and fueled his desire to succeed no matter what obstacles lie ahead. Mr. Crosby now uses his experiences, both failures and successes to help others reach their full potential and make their dreams a reality, he believes that the biggest and often most underutilized resource is our mind. “If we can change the way we think, we can change the way we live.”

Erica Dickson, COO

Award-winning entrepreneur, Erica got her start in business by taking a problem of her own and addressing it head-on. As a young, single mother, finding affordable, quality childcare posed quite a challenge. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with minors in sociology and education, she opened her own center. The organization obtained its non-profit status after a few years of operation and went on to serve many children and families in the community.

“Turning a problem into a profit” became one of Erica’s mantras. Utilizing this, she went on to develop other businesses, one of those being a vegan food truck.

Although financial profit is necessary for survival, one of the things that is nearest and dearest to Erica is community connections and activism. This led her to host a radio show and lead many community classes and workshops in a volunteer capacity. 

She continues to remain actively engaged in helping others become healthy, productive members of society in any way that she is able. 

Brittany Hilderbrand

Hi all, my name is Brittany Hilderbrand and I am the “Word Supplier” of the Innovated Dreamz Team. By trade, I am a communications professional with more than 10 years of experience in the areas of journalism, public relations, marketing, speechwriting for government officials, grant writing, and more. I can’t wait to help share your stories of vision and victory.

Jackie Byas

Hello! My name is Jackie Byas and I am a photographer partnered with Innovated Dreamz. I am excited to be working closely with you and helping you enhance your business and your brand through professional quality images. Allow me to assist you in capturing your vision and bringing it to life. Let’s collaborate!

Tawny Brown

Greetings! My name is Tawny, and my specialty on the Innovated Dreamz team will be event promotion and marketing efforts. I have a wealth of experience as a professional development professional, which includes developing and facilitating training and coordinating training events and conferences. My personal and professional philosophy is motivated by a quote from her grandfather, “You can judge the integrity of a community by how it treats its most vulnerable.”

Darren Dawson

What’s happening?!? My name is Darren Dawson and I am extremely excited to be a part of the Innovated Dreamz team living out my passion as a videographer and sound engineer. I would describe myself as music and fine arts enthusiast with a passion for teaching and educating the youth. This is the perfect opportunity for me to help the people in my community take their business promotions to the next level by creating visual stories to accompany their brand. 


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