Meet Dashing Duet Beauty Owner: Tesha Chester


Meet Dashing Duet Beauty Owner-  Tesha Chester 

We all know that the world these days revolves around memes, going viral, and TikTok. When it comes to making money and building a brand from scratch, this entrepreneur is nothing to play with. Tesha Chester is the founder and creator of Dashing Duet Beauty. Based in Holts Summit Missouri, this online store caters to women’s aesthetics, self-care, and beauty. The brand carries a range of different types of self-care and beauty products, from eyelashes, scrubs, oils,  lip glosses, and more. As a fashion entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of trying all Dashing’s products. They are amazingly unique, especially the scrubs, so I decided to ask Tesha how it all started. The article is for readers interested in the beauty industry, and/or those interested in starting a business. 

  1. What was your inspiration for creating Dashing Duet Beauty?

My inspiration for creating Dashing Duet Beauty was seeing everyday women building something of their own. At first, I looked at it as a side hustle,  another stream of income. Now I  know Dashing Duet Beauty is way more than a side hustle. 

  1. What’s your view on the Beauty Industry?

My view on the beauty industry is that it would never just go away I feel like there are so many aspects of what can be done in the beauty field.

  1. What makes Dashing Duet Beauty different from other Beauty brands?

Dashing duet beauty is different from other brands because we keep up with the trends and add our own spice and twist to it we work with a certain niche. All our glosses scrubs oils Etc are customized and affordable.

  1. What do customers love most about your products?

Customers love the fact that our products are handmade and always made with love with the highest quality.  All of our lashes are a high-quality luxury. we also strive for fast shipping and the care and quality of our products and packaging

  1. Any plans for more Dashing products?

We plan to add more lash  Styles more gloss options introduce our eyeshadow palette based on our lip gloss colors. SURPRISE! We also plan on adding individual lashes to our website. More to come in spring 2021.

  1. What is the best thing about running your own business? 

The best thing about running my own business is the fact that it’s my own it’s literally like my baby watching my business grow and makes me proud that I created it on my own and nobody can take that from me

  1. Any advice for readers interested in starting a business?

My advice to readers about starting your own business is DO IT! But…research research research research but DO IT!  I feel like I can do anything after creating a whole business during a pandemic. For more information or shopping please visit


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