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Lifestyle Guide – Columbia, Missouri

by Guiomar Sapi

Lifestyle guides  are available to help you make up your mind about a place you are visiting/ plan to visit. Columbia, Missouri has merged as one of the fastest growing cities in America, according to Wikipedia. It’s also the 4th most popular place to visit in Missouri. 

This is your lifestyle  guide to the best places to check out while visiting Columbia, Missouri:  Covid-19 safety approved. 

 As a lifestyle blogger I recommend you  visit Columbia, MO during  Spring or Summer time. Needless to say, Missouri gets really icy during the winter season, with not much to do. If you are a visitor on a budget, Downtown is where you will find the best attractions, worth your time and money.  Co1umbia, MO is home of The Tigers (Mizzou), Columbia College, and Stephens Lake.  Downtown is filled with  coffee shops, restaurants, and a lot of patios with the best views. It is definitely a student friendly environment, but also very laid back if you  just want to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Here are my top 5 favorite places I think every tourist should visit in Columbia, MO. Please bear in mind that I chose these spots based on location, service and overall  pricing. 

1- The Roof

Located on East Broadway, The Roof offers a unique experience to locals and visitors. In lieu of Covid-19,  lounging/roofing experiences have never been better. You will find  plastic bubbles sophistically decorated, as an option for everyone that comes in. Making your stay safer and enjoyable. Combine that with their handcrafted and elegantly served cocktails, you get the best that here is in town. Not to mention, their chicken wings (my personal favorite.) To learn more  please visit

2- Pressed

Another one of my favorite spots especially for sunset views. Pressed offers a wide range of Happy Hour cocktails, making your lounging experience relaxing and breathtaking. Pressed also offers a very romantic feel, one of the best that Columbia has to offer. The elegant décor doesn’t go unnoticed. I totally recommend it. For more information, visit

3- El Oso Mexican Grill

Every great place has to have a place with the best Mexican food and margaritas. El Oso Mexican Grill happens to do just that. If you love margaritas and tacos, please visit El Oso Mexican Grill located in Downtown Columbia MO.  There is no other place for an authentic Mexican food experience. For more details,

4- The Candy Factory

The Candy factory is the cutest store that offers a wide range of handmade crafted candy and more.  For chocolate lovers, this is a no brainer destination. In this small cute factory you can also find soaps, candles, jewelry and unique gifts for all ages. Their packaging is so delicate and thoughtful. Totally a place to collect little gifts for loved ones. If you want to learn more, visit

5- Tropical Liquors

When its above 60 degrees in Columbia, Tropical Liquors is the number one destination. There’s nothing better than a wide variety of frozen drinks with great company. I usually grab Trops while walking my dog downtown. By no means am I promoting drinking in public, but totally take my recommendations and try some trops when visiting Columbia, MO. 

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