Being an entrepreneur is probably the most difficult and  stressful occupation in the world, especially when you are relying on your ideas to provide you with income or to otherwise further you in life. However, sometimes an entrepreneur’s passion alone can be enough to live off of. 

Most of my time in prison was spent studying business and envisioning where I would one day be. At the time, it offered no monetary value, just a sense of me trusting my own abilities. What I gain from being an entrepreneur is much more than money; today, the challenges I used to run from are the challenges I wake up looking forward to. 

The challenges I’ve had to face, have taught me so much, and truly helped me develop into a better entrepreneur. To me that is the real value of doing what I do. The more problems I figure out how to solve, the more valuable I become as a person. 

I have accomplished a lot over the last two years that were not money related, like landing on the cover of Columbia Business Times Magazine — now, how cool is that? Prison to the cover of a magazine. For me, it is the coolest thing ever, and something my kids can talk about to their friends and be proud of. Hopefully, it is the kind of thing that will allow them to see that anything is possible. 

See, while my goal as an entrepreneur is to be highly successful and make lots of money, I also want to inspire others to pursue their own passions, and help whenever I can, whether it be in life or business. 


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