Casanova In Trouble For Doing TikTok Challenge In County Jail


Here’s a video of Casanova doing the “Junebug” TikTok challenge while in jail. The rapper turned himself at the end of 2020, around the first week of December after an indictment including himself and 18 others came out. It’s really a sad situation, I feel like too often, especially when it comes to success, it’s shortly lived.

The TikTok video was uploaded to the rapper’s Instagram and the jail is big mad at Caswell Senior (government name), who may have lost his video visitation privileges because cell phones are not allowed in jail; nope, they prefer people spend ridiculous amounts of money to on their collect phones just to talk to their love ones. Shit sucks, but Hey Mr. Casanova, Black Newzio is glad to see you’re in high spirits man, and we hope for the best outcome!



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