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Black Business Spotlight – Spiteful Entertainment


Business Name: Spiteful Entertainment 

Owner(s) and Titles: Vincent L. Deamon

Years of Operation: 2 years

Type of Business: Multimedia & podcast production company

Business Email: Vincent@spitefulentertainment.com

Mission/Reason for existence: Spiteful Entertainment cultivates, funds, connects, mentors, advocates, and collaborates at all levels of the industry – from small independent artists to large internationals companies – creating the right conditions for producing quality events, multimedia, and performing arts.

What do you want people to know about your business: 

Spiteful Entertainment LLC is an independent multimedia, performing arts, and events production company assembled from the diversification of media and art outlets. Spiteful Entertainment spearheads and provides support in discovering, promoting, and managing a wide array of talents within different niches in the entertainment industry. Through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and countless others Spiteful aims to usher in a revolution within the creative industry.

Spiteful is committed to facilitating, developing, and distributing content through events, the performing arts, and media with talented upcoming artists. Our core value is to support artists and the community by connecting creatives, innovators, investors, community stakeholders, and experts to cultivate and harness artistic talent in all its forms.



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