Business Name: Dream Tree Academy 573  

Owner and Title: Raymond Taylor Hall / CEO & Founder 

Years of Operation: November 2020  

Type of Business: Nonprofit Community Center  

Business email:  

Business website:  

Business Address/Phone Number: 573-777-0781 

Mission/Reason for existence: It is the mission and vision of Dream Tree Academy 573, to provide numerous after-school educational programs for our culturally diverse youth. Focusing on music, graphic design, financial literacy, and mental health. Along with other trades of  business and entertainment. While adopting a dynamic for a cultural way of life. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We will help educate, inspire and problem-solve for our students to become self-sustainable through education. 

What you want people to know about your business: Dream Tree Academy is a creative, hands-on, and safe place that provides multi-level educational programs for inner city youth. We aspire to see their eyes glisten with excitement and their smiles shine 


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